Affabl Features

Our goal is to provide you with everything you need to create a successful career in the digital age. See it in action! The entire website runs on the Affabl Platform. Our service provides:

A full-featured customizable Website

  • Complete turn-key web-publishing and CMS solution -- in fact, the entire website runs on the very same platform!
  • Artist Profile -- A dedicated page for your bio, with a dustjacket photo and full text.
  • Media Pages -- each book/Song/Album/Film you upload gets a dedicated page with a photo, reader rating feature, dust jacket description and the ability to place links to purchase from your store, or from Amazon or any other retailer you choose.
  • Blog -- A complete blogging solution to communicate with your community.
  • Custom static pages -- create as many pages as you'd like
  • Your own URL -- You can use your own custom domain name (e.g., or we will give you one of our domains (e.g. ) to help you get started.

Your Own Online Store

  • Full featured ecommerce engine -- Need to take Visa, Mastercard, and American Express cards as payment? No problem. Paypal as payment? Yep. International credit cards? We've got it covered. State based tax calculations for the United States? We do that too. Apply a domestic or international shipping fee to the order? Can do!
  • Sell any and all e-formats -- epub, mobi, pdf, lit, even audiobooks in mp3, aac, video, if you can upload it, you can sell it and we'll handle file hosting and delivery.
  • Sell Merchandise -- hardcover, paperback, t-shirts, stickers. If you can fulfill it, you can sell it. We even track inventory for you.
  • Bundles and a cart. Want to sell a physical book and an e-book as a special package? Or maybe a book with a T-shirt? We'll create special product bundles with limitless combinations for you. Or, your customers can simply create their own bundles using our shopping cart.
  • Offer coupons galor -- Run specials or promotions with coupons to bump your sales. Create discount codes for your customers to use.
  • Gifting
  • Cloud Fulfillment - any format -- redownload, etc.
  • Sales Reports -- Get easy to read summary reports of your sales. We offer straightforward graphical charts to make it simple to understand what is selling and what isn't.

Email Marketing

  • A powerful e-mail marketing solution enables you to take sign ups online and send your readers regular e-mail newsletters, coupons and special offerings or other marketing communications.
  • Email List Import -- Upload a list of your own e-mail addresses to create a reader contact list. You get 1,000 e-mail deliveries a month included, and you can purchase 20,000 monthly e-mail deliveries for $20/month additional.
  • Social Media and Games
  • SE-Oh Yeah -- Search marketing is an important element in your online success. Our website pages are automatically optimized to help Google searchers find your name and book titles when they look.

A Community Platform

  • Member Profiles -- User profile pages and walls (ala facebook)
  • Forums -- Full-featured forums to let your readers interact with you and each other
  • Site Activity Stream -- Increase engagement by surfacing all the goings-on in your budding community
  • Site Notfications
  • Marketing


  • We're here for you -- we'll get you help at any stage of the game. Just call or e-mail us, and our staff of supportive people are here to keep you rolling and answer your questions about just about anything (related to our tools!).
  • Ease of Use -- get back to your writing as quickly as possible. We understand that for many of you, writing is your primary skill, as it should be! With this in mind, we endeavour to make all our tools easy-to-use, and yet powerful enough to let you really get in there if you so desire.