Hi there! Allow us to introduce ourselves.

We are two guys, Tay Nguyen and Gk Parish-Philp. We are Dads. We are surfers. We are Digital Media pioneers. Most of all, we are glad you’re here.

It all started in sometime in 1994. Mozilla had recently released the Mosaic browser and all of a sudden folks started referring all those scattered online directories and gopher sites collectively as ‘The World Wide Web’. At the same time, we started installing WinSock TCP/IP and slinging websites.

Fast-forward nearly 15 years. Between us, we had taken two companies from tiny internet startups to multimillion dollar IPOs. We had raised, earned, and lost millions of dollars. We had pioneered digital music at mp3.com and built a globally recognized technology brand at DivX. We had launched Stage6 which grew to 30 million users in mere months, and we’d been sued too many times to count. We had also both quit our jobs.

We decided to carry on in a new way. A better way. A simpler and more pure way. Throughout our careers there have been two themes: 1. technology and the possibilities it enables, and 2. our love for the arts, artists, and creators of all types. And so BackMyBook is born. We have stripped everything away -- no PR agency, no investor relations department, no bureaucracy, no pressure to sacrifice our goals at the expense of artificial quarterly revenue targets. It’s just you and us... You and us and our passion and sincere desire to use technology to help artists and dreamers and tall-tale weavers.

If you’re excited, or overwhelmed, or even just curious as to the possibilities and opportunities that the digital transformation of publishing has in store for you, please drop us a line. And thanks for visiting -- we’re glad you’re here.